Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Log Prices

Logs Delivered in Derbyshire

All our logs are cut to 6 - 8 inches, and are delivered direct to your door.

(60 x 30 cm bags)

£4.00 per bag
+ 5% vat

Bagged Hardwood Logs

Bagged Logs
(10 kg bags)

£4.00 per bag
+ 5% vat

Hardwood Logs by the load

Single Bag of Mixed Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs
A cubic metre bag.

£100 + 5% vat

Single Bag of Ash Logs
A cubic metre bag (whilst stocks last).

£105 + 5% vat

Double Bag of Logs
Two cubic metre bags.

£190 + 5% vat

Triple Load of Logs
This is the maximum amount of logs we can deliver in a single visit.

£285 + 5% vat

Stacked Hardwood Logs

We are happy to stack your logs for you should you wish.

£15 per load

Wood shaving by the cubic metre

Wood Shavings
Ideal for small holdings, chickens, calves etc.

£15 per bag
+ 20% vat

Please note there is a £5 deposit on the cubic metre bag.

Free Delivery within 15 miles, £1 per mile thereafter.